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Romantic Getaways in Myrtle Beach Mar 12

I wanted to take my wife for a weekend romantic getaway for her birthday.  I wanted to take her somewhere she could see the ocean.  After some research, I decided to take my wife to Myrtle Beach for a romantic getaway.

We have traveled to South Carolina several times before and used the Myrtle Beach airport before because there are a few discount airlines that fly in and out of there which keeps prices down.  In this case, we used Spirit Airlines and got a really great deal.  Myrtle Beach has very reasonable airline prices and also has all of the major rental car companies next to the terminal.

There are several hotels and resorts along the ocean but I wanted to find one that had some good specials and was very nice.  We stayed at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes which was just 5 minutes from the beach.  The Marina Inn has a variety of accommodations from studio rooms to four bedroom suites with kitchens.  Our suite had a fireplace, king bed, full kitchen, and a patio with a view of the Intercoastal waterway and a golf course.  The furniture and the bed were very comfortable.  The Marina Inn has a beautiful outdoor pool for getting some sun and an indoor pool and fitness center if you want to stay in shape.   I thought that the hotel and grounds were very nice and the customer service was excellent.

One of the reasons that we came to Myrtle Beach was to spend some time on the beach.  The beach is just 5 minutes away and the hotel provides shuttles to the beach throughout most of the year or you can drive yourself.  The Marina Inn has beach access right next to the Marriott and provides everything you need to relax at the beach from chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, and a cabana which has casual dining and restrooms and changing rooms.  We went in the off season when there wasn’t shuttle service but the advantage was that we had the beach to ourselves.  We spent the better part of the weekend just relaxing at the beach.

Myrtle Beach does have a lot to do.  Of course, many people go to Myrtle Beach for the golf.  You can’t go too far in Myrtle Beach without finding a golf course.  This would include miniature golf courses, executive courses, and of course some signature golf courses as well.  Myrtle Beach does have a lot of other things to do from dinner shows to small amusement parks to aquariums.

If you like to shop, Myrtle Beach has a lot of options from outlet malls to traditional malls and unique entertainment / shopping areas.  We went to Broadway at the Beach which has a wide variety of shopping, dining, nightlife, and entertainment options.  The complex has themed architecture areas around a 23 acre lake which houses fireworks shows.  We enjoyed eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while walking through the different shops.

There are a lot of different dining options in Myrtle Beach.  While we were there, we enjoyed some terrific chicken tenders from Zaxby’s as well as some terrific steaks from Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  We also had a terrific breakfast at the Waterscapes restaurant inside the Marina Inn.  We especially enjoyed their Banana’s Foster French Toast.  Since we were there for a long weekend we really didn’t get to experience all the dining options that Myrtle Beach had to offer but we did see a lot we would like to try the next time we are there.

My wife really liked her birthday romantic getaway to Myrtle Beach.  We were able to relax at the beach which was what she really wanted to do. However, the next time we go we may play some golf or do some of the great activities Myrtle Beach has to offer.  The next time you are looking for a romantic getaway along the ocean, don’t overlook Myrtle Beach!

Romantic Getaways on the Golf Course Mar 30

My wife and I have always enjoyed golfing together. Many of you women out there might think that you aren’t good enough for golfing and will only frustrate your husband. Many of you men might think that your wife would have no interest in golfing with you or might think that you might have a golfing experience like the men in the movie “I Love You, Man” (which is a great date night movie) had where the man ended up getting hit by an errant golf ball. You both may be right but my wife and I truly have fun because we enjoy golf as time to spend with each other.

When my wife first starting golfing she got nervous and was afraid that she was holding people up while she was learning. However, we decided that the most important part of playing golf together is that we would have fun and wouldn’t worry so much about everyone else. But to be courteous, we decided to try to play best ball, where I take a shot, and my wife takes a shot, and we pick the best one. We really had a lot of fun playing best ball because we weren’t slowing down anyone’s play, we celebrated our good shots and didn’t worry about the bad ones.

When we first started, we used almost all of my shots but we joked, celebrated her good shots, and just enjoyed the scenery. The more we played, the more my wife enjoyed golf and she actually decided to have golf lessons. She had a few lessons, and every time we went out we used a few more of her shots and we really just enjoyed being outdoors together. Now we play golf together on the weekends and try to play sometimes when we travel together. In fact, one of our favorite vacation spots is to play golf at the very resort in Panama City that I proposed to my wife at (see the Romantic Getaways in Panama City posting below).

Now guys, I am not saying that you can’t go golfing with your buddies because it is a lot of fun and important to do. However, if you get your wife playing with you, and your wife is like mine and still encourages me to play with your friends, it just means more time out on the golf course which is a very good thing. I still get my competitive juices flowing when I golf with my friends but really try to relax and enjoy golf for the wonderful game that it is when I play with my wife.

I know that the golf course may not seem like a good idea for a romantic getaway but we really look for romance in all places. When you think about it and just relax a little, the golf course is a great place for romance. You get to laugh, enjoy beautiful scenery, meet people, exercise, enjoy interesting conversation, and create fond memories together. Furthermore, golf is something that you can do together as you grow older. So even though you might not think that playing golf is romantic, my wife and I would disagree and encourage any of you to give it a try.

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