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Romantic Restaurant – Emeril’s Orlando May 18

My wife and I enjoy going to romantic restaurants when we go on vacation. We were recently vacationing in Orlando and decided to return to one of our favorite romantic restaurants, Emeril’s Orlando.

The restaurant is located in City Walk which is on the site of Universal Studios Orlando. City Walk is the area between the Islands of Adventure and the Universal Studios Theme Parks. There are several restaurants, live entertainment venues and a little bit of shopping. We actually parked in the valet parking area and Emeril’s validated for two hours of parking.

My wife and I had previously been to Emeril’s about 5 years ago. We then had sat at the chef’s bar where we watched the chefs cook the food. It was really entertaining and an experience that we haven’t forgotten. It is really interesting to watch world class chefs prepare food and they do talk to you while they are cooking. The food was excellent as well.

We elected this time to have a little bit more of a romantic restaurant experience. Emeril’s is a well decorated white tablecloth restaurant with a very nice ambiance. We went for lunch this time and actually got seated with a view of City Walk. It was a nice day and it was kind of fun to people watch the kids walking into the theme parks.

The cuisine is described as Creole-based and we both love Cajun food so we were looking forward to our meal. If you want the experience of Emeril with a little bit less menu options at a reduced price, you can go for lunch, which is what we did. The service at Emeril’s is outstanding. The wait staff works in teams and they seamlessly picked up the service for one another like they were one person.

Our food was outstanding. They had a nice range of food with definite Creole influences. The gumbo was outstanding and they had a nice variety of salads and appetizers for all tastes. The wait staff did an excellent job of helping us with our selections. The entrees were very tasty, unique, and good sized portions. The dessert menu looked really good but we unfortunately were too full from our two courses to have dessert (maybe next time). We definitely enjoyed our romantic restaurant experience at Emeril’s Orlando.

After you leave Emeril’s you have a few choices within City Walk if you want to continue on your romantic experience. If you are a couple who likes to go to dinner and a movie, they have a state of the art theater. If you like live music, they have several different options as well. If you like to dance, they have a dance club. Basically, the advantage of eating at City Walk is that you have a lot of entertainment options after visiting your favorite romantic restaurants. City Walk does have a variety of other restaurants (most of which are themed) but we thought that Emeril’s was the most romantic restaurant of them.

If you are in the Orlando area, we would strongly recommend going to City Walk and Emeril’s for a romantic restaurant experience with some great entertainment options to continue your evening.

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