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Romantic Ideas – Have a campfire Apr 13

My wife and I have always thought camping together was romantic. We have always thought that hiking through trails, eating food made by a charcoal grill or coleman stove, and just being with nature was very enjoyable. We have always been tent campers and it was fun and romantic at first but each time we go now, it gets a little harder to sleep on the ground and especially when we get rained upon. Each time we leave the campground, we talk about what we enjoyed the most on the trip. Recently, we noticed that sitting by a campfire was almost always our highlight. We thought to each other, what if we could bring a little of the campground home with us, especially what we consistently consider the highlight and the most romantic part of the trip. It was then that we decided to make it so that we could have campfires, right in our own back yard.

There are a lot of options to set up a fire pit in your backyard. There are fire pits, fire rings, or fire bowls that you can buy to sit in your yard or on your patio. You could even just find a bunch of rocks and put them in a ring on the ground. We ended up buying a good size fire ring and we formed a layer of bricks around it. It doesn’t matter what you choose, you just need to buy some wood and you are ready for romance right in your own backyard.

There is something about sitting under the stars in front of a warm fire, to bring out the romance. We like to sit in front of the fire, just talking about wonderful memories we’ve shared, what we want to do for the future, and just really enjoy each other’s company. A campfire is also a fun idea to invite other couples over to have a few drinks and tell stories.

The next time you are looking for a great romantic idea that you can enjoy, week after week, think about making a fire pit and enjoying a campfire in your own backyard!

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