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Romantic Getaways in the Mad River Valley Feb 16


For my birthday several years ago, my wife took me on a romantic getaway for the weekend to the Mad River Valley in Vermont. Since my birthday is in February, you may have thought my wife was taking me to Sugarbush and Mad River Glen for a weekend of great downhill skiing! When my wife told me where we were going, I was a little puzzled because I have never downhill skied before and frankly don’t think I am coordinated enough to make it down the mountain without breaking something. However, she told me that we weren’t going skiing but we would have a great time, and she was absolutely right!

New England is full of romantic Bed & Breakfasts and we stayed at a great one this weekend called The Inn at The Round Barn Farm. The first thing you notice as you drive up was the unique architecture of the round barn attached to the main building. When you enter, you hear classical music playing and smell cookies and hors d’oeuvres to welcome you. The guest rooms are very comfortable and romantically decorated. There is a lap pool, a game room with an antique pool table, and a lot of books. The food is very good and very fresh as much of it comes from local farms including their own. The grounds are beautiful and you can go snowshoeing in the winter and hiking when it gets warmer where scenic views of the mountains are everywhere you look!

My wife arranged for us to go cross country skiing at Ole’s cross country skiing trails. Neither of us had ever been cross country skiing but they had a nice program for beginners. Within a half hour, we were out on the trails and it was a lot of fun. My wife was a natural but even though I fell a few times, we were laughing as she came over to help me up every time! It was very peaceful to be out on the trails surrounded by the beautiful scenery. We both enjoyed it immensely!

The next day, she arranged for us to have a horse drawn sleigh ride in the mountains. She called ahead to the Mountain Valley Farm to arrange for a private, romantic, sleigh ride. We were pulled by a team of two horses and we were given a bunch of blankets to keep us warm. We really enjoyed cuddling under the blankets while we observed the breathtaking scenery provided by the Mad River Valley and the surrounding Green Mountains. When it’s not snowing they have hay rides, wagon rides, and even formal carriage rides for weddings or other special events.

Even though we went to the Mad River Valley in the winter for our romantic weekend, it is a great place for romantic getaways year round. The scenery provided by the Green Mountains is always beautiful and provides for many outdoor activities. In the spring and summer, there are great hiking trails and places to go road and mountain bike riding. There are opportunities to go canoeing and kayaking on the Mad River, nice area golf courses, and even glider rides. For you fans of ice cream, you can take a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s factory in nearby Waterbury, VT.

If you have not been to Vermont in the fall, you have really been missing out! Throughout the state, there are no end of scenic drives where you can see beautiful mountain vistas full of the vibrant fall foliage colors. There numerous small towns which provide interesting architecture and covered bridges. We heard of a tradition where you have to kiss when you pass through a covered bridge and we always figure that we will do our part to keep the tradition alive!

The Mad River Valley is a beautiful place year round for a romantic getaway and provides you with a wide variety of outdoor activities to satisfy any couple!